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Veenus beauty lounge is a leading salon design company specializing in the development of exclusive, fashion-forward, and creative salon interiors. For salon owners, franchises, and chains, we’ve built hundreds of effective salon design projects to suit each brand and specific project. Are you planning a new salon design and interiors project? Our salon designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience. For today’s hair salon, blow dry shop, beauty school, barber salon, and nail salon, we provide expert consulting and strategic interior design, including floor plans, lighting plans, construction details, furniture selection, wall, and floor finish plans, equipment selection, and much more.



When it comes to salon interiors, every square inch counts, and we make the most of it with a flow and functionality-focused salon design layout. When it comes to floor plan design, we are really picky because we realize that space is important and that space equals revenue. We’ve worked in salons before and know how to strike the right balance of room allocation, comfort, smooth transitions, and performance. seamless changes and productive use when implementing your unique goals and “wish list” for your salon interiors project We’ll send you sound advice, salon concept suggestions, and well-thought-out floor plan choices that work. We guarantee that we will look after your house!


Our 3D Computer Imaging department produces precise, conclusive, and photorealistic renderings that bring your salon’s interior to life. We take your ideas and create them in computer format so you can envision and see your space with this technical service. Our creative team has more than ten years of experience in computer-generated imagery. Our artistic team has over ten years of experience in computer-generated imagery and salon design, and we produce all of our work “in-house” for clients all over the world.


The lighting jargon is endless: foot-candles, ballasts, temperature, color-rendering index, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, energy-efficient, energy code, 3-pole turn… We specialize in the technological aspects of salon interiors, such as lighting, as it applies to the artistic and practical aspects of spa and salon design. We make recommendations that make sense and are consistent with the energy code. We make recommendations that make sense, are consistent with energy codes, save you money, and produce stunning results. Every aspect of lighting design and specification is covered by our services. Lighting, they say, is all, and we appear to agree.


We recognize that color is about more than choosing paint samples for salon interiors. Texture, shine, contrast, value, and light can “make” or “break” a salon interior, especially in places of transformation, healing, and rejuvenation. We’ve trained our eyes to see color in ways that most people can’t, so every pallet, panel, ceiling, and the floor is thoughtful and complements Every pallet, wall, ceiling, and the floor is thoughtful, suits your brand, and connects your visitors to your space because our eyes are trained to see color in ways that most people cannot. Every color matters, whether it’s in a lovely chair, a single work of art, or a lavish drapery panel. In a world where there are tens of thousands of options (citron, chartreuse, grey, or grey) and the word “pop of color” is overused,

We can give you our best Decour Planing


We were founded in 1998 to support our clients who want good salon interior design takes a lot of time and effort, and our professional team works hard to make your vision a reality.

We collaborate closely with our clients to create luxurious salon designs that wow. Shouldn’t your salon or spa be picture-perfect in an industry that’s all about beauty? You can be confident in the quality of our work if you hire us.

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